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Intro: Needing My Brother, Myself and You 

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Brotherhood

  • Theoretical

  • Activist

  • Organizer 

  • Revolutionary

  • Black Liberation Movement

  • Self-determination

  • subjugation

  • philosophical

  • Social Consciousness

Essential Question

​Who needs you? Why might we need you?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

Who does Mawuli say he needs in this chapter?

Question 2

Was his imprisoned client “innocent”?

Question 3

What happened before Mawuli stated “Brother, we need you!” to his client?

Question 4

Why does  Mawuli connect the stories of his client and his brother?

Question 5

What is the purpose of this chapter?

Question 6

What is your response to the data at the end of the Introduction?


Thought Web

Who does Mawuli need and why?

Write a poem about who you need and why.

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