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Chapter 5: Lebron vs Dirk – Know Your Game

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Djembe Drums

  • Talking Drums

  • Enslaved


  • Cultural confusion

  • Self-hate

  • Emphatically

  • Timbuktu

  • African Civilizations

  • Double Consciousness

  • Assimilation

Essential Question

What are the achievements of early African civilizations?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

Who is Dr. Edward Robinson?

Question 2

Why was Dr. Robinson’s presentation so impactful for Mawuli?

Question 3

Why did Mawuli previously carry shame around being an African descendant?

Question 4

What is the MAAFA? Has the MAAFA ended? Why or why not?

Question 5

How have African people emulated European culture? Why have African people emulated European culture? 

Question 6

What experiences have made you proud of your cultural heritage and/or ethnicity?


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