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Chapter 7:

Preparing for the “Team for Black People”

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • African Centered Education Movement

  • “Conscious Black person”

  • Rites

  • “Servant leadership”

  • “Messianic worship”

  • Reawakening

  • Dogma

  • Eurocentric

  • Purge

  • Classical African Civilizations Golden Ages of Africa

  • Black Nationalist/ Nationalism

  • Enlightenment

  • Class

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Religious Affiliation

  • Liberation Struggle

Essential Question

What must we study, and how must we prepare to be an effective member of the “team” for Black people?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

At what moment did Mawuli”s father become both his coach and teacher? What lesson did Mawuli’s father teach him that became his way of life?

Question 2

Mawuli states, “even after Dr. Robinson had spoken to my African soul, and Del Jones had set my revolutionary spirit ablaze, I felt unprepared to join the “team” for Black people.” What more did Mawuli need to do to be prepared to join the “team”?

Question 3

How would you describe the journey or rites that Mawuli underwent during this period of his development? Who were his guides along the way?

Question 4

Mawuli asserts, “We will have to decide to study beyond what we were taught in our high school and college classes.” What do you think maybe missing from what we are taught in our high school and college classes?

Question 5

How does the sports analogy and the idea of a “team” for Black People help you visualize the task before us and how you must prepare for your role in it?

Question 6

Describe 3 next steps you will take to either prepare to be on a team for Black people or further develop your team’s effectiveness.


Media Diet Pyramid

Readers will construct their own Media Diet Pyramid. Readers will take account of how much time they set aside for study and enrichment of their knowledge of African contributions to the timeline of human history.

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