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Chapter 1:

2020 Atlanta Uprisings: “We Love Y’all Too Much”

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Solidarity

  • Demonstrations

  • Middle class

  • Class system

  • Protest

  • Critique

  • Movement

  • Liberation

  • Resistance

  • Sovereignty

Essential Question

Why do we fight for social change?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

What are the two organizations the eight men who walked with Mawuli into the protests with the “We Love Y’all Too Much” t-shirts a part of?

Question 2

Why was Amber Jackson’s body-slammed by a police officer?

Question 3

What did Mawuli do when his wife showed him the protests had grown dangerous?

Question 4

 Why do you think Khari decides to go home with his father?

Question 5

How is protesting and the fight for freedom an act of love?

Question 6

What is your response to the data at the end of the chapter? What are strategies you would engage to change these statistics?

Question 7

Mawuli is a part of several organizations. How does this help him spread his message?


Cause and Effect Chart –

Find your “protest song”. A song that inspires you and encourages a fight for freedom

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