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We Need You!

 Encouraging My Sons’ Generation for Black Liberation

“This book is a discussion of hopes and aspirations for the next generation of Black activists, organizers, workers, and contributors. It is a discussion on how we can engage in a joyous journey to raise our level of social consciousness and organizing efforts in the struggle to liberate Black people.”

-Mawuli Davis Introduction of We Need You

Center. Collaborate. Create.

Black Man Lab Young Creators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs Project

To create an experience that results in participants becoming life-long participants in social justice community-building work.

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"We Need You" Book Reviews

Attorney Mawuli Davis’ WE NEED YOU is a powerful testimony to the coming of age, growth and development, parenthood, and thinking of a revolutionary, African-centered Black professional and freedom fighter. This book is intentionally built on a foundation of numerous movement Ancestors and Elders. WE NEED YOU chronicles Davis’ insights and memories navigating his growth in radical Black political and social consciousness while serving in the  United States Navy,  engaging the African-centered education and reparations movement, and building grassroots empowerment and unity among Black men. His chapter on being an activist father in the midst of Black rebellion and protest is particularly powerful. This book is a must for anyone interested in organizing and service in African descendant communities during the period of Black Lives Matter

- Dr. Akinyele Umoja

Author of We Will Shoot Back co-editor of the Black Power Encyclopedia, and Co-Founder Malcolm X Grassroots Movement




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