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Lessons: Electoral Victories, Insurrection, an Inauguration, & Our Way Forward

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Electoral politics

  • Insurrection

  • Propaganda

  • Galvanizing

  • Parrotted

  • Rhetoric

  • Neophyte

Essential Question

How can we make voting matter?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

Who were the candidates running in the senatorial runoff election? Who won?

Question 2

How did Chokwe Lumumba shape Mawuli’s beliefs around electoral politics?

Question 3

What does Stacey Abrams “New Georgia Project” and Black Voters Matter have in common? Do you think their work influenced the outcome of the presidential and senatorial elections? How?

Question 4

What do you think it means when the Warnock/Trump protestor refers to “taking America back”? Is this a phrase you’ve heard or seen before? How does it make you feel?

Question 5

How was the police response to the Warnock/Trump protestor similar to the police response during the capital insurrection? 

Question 6

How do you imagine police would have responded to Black protestors who “went door-to-door hunting for members of Congress… busted windows and tried to kick in doors… spread feces on walls, urinated on the floor, and killed a Capitol officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher….”?

Question 7

What do you believe are the next steps for Black people in this country to achieve true liberation?


Cause and Effect Chart –

Find your “protest song”. A song that inspires you and encourages a fight for freedom

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