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Chapter 10: We are Links in this Chain

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Diabetic coma

  • Indomitable soul

  • Ideological perspective

  • Inextricably

  • African sovereignty

Essential Question

How does “ the mandate of collective struggle for our self-determination” inform how Mawuli and another servant -leaders organize?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

Why had Mawuli been feeling unusually tired?

Question 2

How does Mawuli’s marriage and partnership with Jana make him stronger, more steadfast, and authentic?

Question 3

What does Mawuli realize about the race of life after his son Khari beats him (by 86 seconds)?

Question 4

How does the advice that Haki Madhubuti gave support Mawuli’s assertion that “Who we choose to run the race of life with, matters profoundly? We have to identify the people who we run with to build a new world”?

Question 5

Why does Mawuli make a distinction between organizations and community?

Question 6

Mama Njere is quoted as saying, “ I am a link in this chain, and it won’t break here.” What does she mean? What are we linked to do (purpose)?


T Chart comparing and contrasting organizations with community.

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