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Epilogue:  It’s All Spiritual

Pre-Reading Glossary

  • Alienate

  • Poignant

  • Omnipresent

  • Reparations

  • Symposium

Essential Question

How does the work of resistance connect us to something greater than our individual selves? How is this work spiritual?

Comprehension Check

Question 1

Why does Mawuli conclude that he left out the words: God, our Creator, and Spirit in this manuscript’s body?

Question 2

What evidence does Mawuli put forth to support his claim that this work is spiritual?

Question 3

What realization does Mawuli come to after Dr. Robinson told him, as he put it, “who I am?”

Question 4

Why does Mawuli separate the concept of “God” from the institution of the church?

Question 5

What do you think Mawuli means when he writes,  “ I did not speak or write of the Spirit because it was not something that existed outside of my Movement experiences. God was embedded and interwoven in them.”

Question 6

Mawuli ends the book with the following line, “I hope that we will all experience the Creator for ourselves and together in this “beautiful struggle.” What have been some moments in the text that illustrate this profound truth; while the struggle is protracted and difficult, it is also beautiful?


Readers will respond to the following prompt:

How do you define your spirituality? How do you persevere through challenging times? 

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